IGNOU PGCAE Study Material
BEG-04: English in Daily Life
Block-01 The World Around Us
Block-02 Media And Entertainment
Block-03 Fitness And Adventure
Block-04 Holidays
BEG-05 English in Education
Block-01 At The University
Block-02 Campus Life
Block-03 The Curriculum
Block-04 Tools Of Communication
BEG-06 Joining the Work Force
Block-01 Exploring the Job Market
Block-02 Preparing For An Interview
Block-03 Skills For The Workplace
Block-04 Letters
MAE-01 Understanding Adult Education
Block-01 Development of Adult Education
Block-02 Foundations of Adult Education
Block-03 Curriculum Development, Transaction and Evaluation
MAE-02 Policy Planning and Implementation of Adult Education in India
Block-01 Five Year Plans and Adult Education
Block-02 Implementing Agencies
Block-03 Participatory Traning and Research in Adult Education
Block-04 Towards Lifelong Learning: Creating a Literate Environment
IGNOU PGDHHM Study Material
PGDHHM-001 Introduction to Management-I
Unit-01 General Management
Unit-02 Human Resource Planning
Unit-03 Human Resource Management
PGDHHM-002 Introduction to Management-II
Unit-01 Financial Management
Unit-02 Marketing and Health Economics
Unit-03 Essentials of Logistics and Equipment Mangement
PGDHHM-003 Organisation and Management of Hospitals
Unit-01 Overview of Hospital System
Unit-02 Challenges in Hospital Management
Unit-03 Hospital Engineering Services
PGDHHM-004 Clinical, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
Unit-01 Clinical Services-I
Unit-02 Clinical Services-II
Unit-03 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
PGDHHM-005 Support and Utility Services and Risk Management
Unit-01 Support and Utility Services-I
Unit-02 Support and Utility Services-II
Unit-03 Safety and Risk Management
Unit-04 Support & Utility Services and Risk Management
PGDHHM-006 Health System Management Project Work
Unit-01 Community Health
Unit-02 Health System in India
Unit-03 National Health Programmes
IGNOU PGDFSQM Study Material
Course Code Course Name Click to
MVP-01 Food Fundamentals and Chemistry Download
MVP-02 Food Laws and Standards Download
MVP-03 Principles of Food Safety and Quality Management Download
MVP-04 Food Safety and Quality Management System Download
MVPI- 01 Food Microbiology Download
MVPL-01 Food Safety and Quality Auditing Download
MVPL-02 Chemical Analysis and Quality Assurance Download
MVPP-01 Project Work Download
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