IGNOU BAVTM Guess Paper Solved Download PDF | BA Vocational Studies in Tourism Managementgemen

IGNOU BAVTM Guess Paper Solved We present the best series of IGNOU guess papers for sure success in the IGNOU examinations. The IGNOU Guess Papers are a considerably more efficient way of addressing difficulties and also serve as an acceptable preparation for an IGNOU Exam. Students may now use our IGNOU Solved Guess Papers to assist them in studying for tests.

When you practise guess papers more frequently, you develop a better knowledge of how to approach the examination’s questions.

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Course Code Course Name HINDI ENGLISH
BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills DOWNLOAD
BHDAE 182 हंद भाषा और संप्रेषण DOWNLOAD


Course Code Title of the Course HINDI ENGLISH
BTMC-131 History of Tourism DOWNLOAD
BTMC-132 Fundamentals of Management DOWNLOAD
BTMC-133 History of Tourism – II DOWNLOAD
BTMC-134 Entrepreneurship and Small Business DOWNLOAD
BTMC-135 Concept and Impacts of Tourism DOWNLOAD
BTMC-136 Tourism Marketing DOWNLOAD
BTMC-137 Profile of Modern Tourism DOWNLOAD
BTMC-138 Managerial Accounting and Finance in Tourism DOWNLOAD
BTME-141 Tourism Undertaking DOWNLOAD
BTMP-142 Project
BTME-143 Procedure and Operations in the Tourism Business
BTME-144 Globalization
BCOS-183 Computer Applications in Business DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
BTMS-185 Airport Handling
BEGS-186 Business Communication DOWNLOAD
BTMG-171 Culture in the Indian Subcontinent I DOWNLOAD
BTMG-172 Culture in Indian Subcontinent II
BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
BEGAE 182 English Communication Skills DOWNLOAD
BHDLA 135 �हंद� भाषा: �व�वध प्रयोग DOWNLOAD
BHDLA 136 �हंद� भाषा: लेखन कौशल DOWNLOAD
BHDLA 137 �हंद� भाषा: सम्प्रेषण कौशल DOWNLOAD
BHDLA 138 �हंद� भाषा: �व�वध �वधाएँ DOWNLOAD
BUDLA 135 Urdu
BEGLA-135 English In Daily Life DOWNLOAD
BEGLA-136 English At The WorkPlace DOWNLOAD
BEGLA-137 Language Through Literature DOWNLOAD
BEGLA-138 Reading and Speaking Skills DOWNLOAD

IGNOU BAVTM Degree Guess Paper Solved

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