IGNOU MEG-16 Solved assignment 2023-24

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IGNOU MEG-16 Solved assignment 2023-24


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Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks(20×5=100)
1. Give your views on the oral epics of India and justify your points with reference to the oral epics in
your syllabi. 20
2. Critically appreciate the text, ‘Ramayana in Modern South India’, edited by Paula Richman. 20
3. Write short notes on the following: (5×4=) 20
a) Folk Culture of Odisha
b) Maila Anchal
c) The Dilemma
d) Chemmeen
4. How does Raja Rao’s ‘Kanthanpura’ reflect the Gandhian Concerns? 20
5. What are the different elements that influence folk, popular and film and make them a part of our
culture? 20
6. Discuss Girish Karnad’s engagements with myth, history and folktale. . 20

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