IGNOU MSW SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2021-22 download PDF | Master Degree In Social Work Assignment

IGNOU MSW SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2021-22: -This is the right place to Get IGNOU MSW Solved Assignment. Get all IGNOU MASTER DEGREE IN SOCIAL WORK Solved Assignment 2021-22 PDF solved.  All assignments are prepared by the best faculty. All questions were solved According to IGNOU Guidelines. To assist them in this, we provide complete solutions in developing these assignments.

What is the weight of these assignments?

MSW Assignments have 30% weighted in programme so that we can’t ignore it.

We have to write the best assignment solution to get higher marks in a result and it also increases our performance report in our grade card. Without assignments our course is incomplete and we must submit to complete.In assignments, we must get 40% marks for passing, and thereafter we can fill IGNOU Exam Form to appear in the TEE Examination. e.g. if the assignment total marks in 100  then we have to get at least 40 marks to pass

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Course Code Course Name HINDI  



MSW-005 Social Work Practicum and Supervision DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
MSW-006 Social Work Research DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD
MSW-032 Social Work and Criminal Justice DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD



IGNOU MSW 1st Year Solved Assignment Hindi Medium


Course Code Course Name HINDI ENGLISH
 MSW-001  Origin and Development of Social Work  Download Download
 MSW-002  Professional Social Work: Indian Perspectives Download Download
 MSW-003  Basic Social Science Concepts Download Download
 MSW-004  Social Work and Social Development Download Download
 MSW-005 Social Work Practicum and Supervision Download Download
 MSW-006 Social Work Research Download Download
 MSW-032  Social Work and Criminal Justice
 MSWE-010 Social Work in African Control

IGNOU MSW Second Year Solved Assignment

Course Code Course Name HINDI  ENGLISH
 MSW-007 Case Work and Counselling: Working with Individuals Download Download
 MSW-008 Social Group Work: Working with Groups Download Download
 MSW-009 Community Organization Management for Community Development Download Download
  MSW-017 Contemporary Methods and Values of Social Work Download Download
MSW-010  Introduction to Philanthropic Social Work Download Download
 MSWE-001  HIV/AIDS: Stigma, Discrimination, and Prevention DOWNLOAD
  MSWE-002 Women and Child Development   DOWNLOAD
MSWE-003  Disaster Management   DOWNLOAD
MSWE-007 International Social Work DOWNLOAD


Submission Of Solved Assignment

You need to submit all the assignments within the stipulated time for being eligible to appear in the term-end examination. The completed assignments should be submitted as per the following schedule.

Session Last Date of Submission To be Sent
For July 2021 Session For January 2022 Session April 31, 2022

September 30, 2022

To the Coordinator of the Study Centre allotted to you

Date will be extended according to IGNOU Notice



What are these assignments?

The assignment is very important in IGNOU University we can’t pass only by giving the exam we have to submit the assignment because the assignment takes 30% weightage in the Final Examination.

How can we check our assignment status?

Visit this link of IGNOU Official Website for Assignment Status –


  • For Assignment/ Project/ Practical Submission Status Checking, Enter Enrollment No. (9 Digit)*.
  • Enter the Programme Code
  • Hit Submit Button and our Status will open up.

Can we submit assignments late?

No, we can’t submit IGNOU assignments late. The Late fee is not for Late Submission of Assignments Actually, there’s NO Fee at all to submit the signed Assignments.

Hence, if we don’t want to submit a late fee, then either submit the assignment and examination form before or on March 31st or September 30.

How can we get good marks in IGNOU MSW assignments?

To get good marks in IGNOU assignments we should follow the following methods:

(a) The matter (answers) should be ours.

(b) We should not copy the answer to each and every question from the internet or our study material.

(c) We have to write answers in our language while writing assignments.

(d) The more we show our efforts in writing, the more we will be noticed while checking the assignments.

(e) The presentation matters.

(f) The pages of our work should be properly attached inside a file.

(g) All answers should be written in good handwriting.

(h) Proper indentation must be used.

(i) Each and every answer should be properly numbered.

(j) Only white A4 sheets should be used while writing answers.

(k) A copy of printed assignments should be attached at the starting of the file along with the assignment code for further reference.

Is it Compulsory to submit assignments?

Yes, every IGNOU students have to write and submit assignments to SC before the due date. If any student failed to submit then he/she cannot attend the Term End Exam conducted by IGNOU University. We can also get bits of help from IGNOU Solved Assignments to prepare the best assignment sheet for submitting to the center.

IGNOU MSW SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2021-22 download PDF | Master Degree In Social Work Assignment