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How to Write Your IGNOU PGDWM Assignments:

  1. Start with the Question, Then the Answer: First, write down the question you’re answering. After that, go ahead with your answer.
  2. Colors for Writing: Use black ink for the questions and blue ink for the answers. Or, you can switch them around if you like.
  3. How Long Should Your Answers Be?
    • Aim for your answers to be between 2 to 5 pages long.
    • Remember to leave a margin of about 4cm on the left side of each page.
    • Keep your answers clear and straightforward, rather than writing long essays.
  4. Make Your Answers Flow Well:
    • Write your answers so they make sense and flow nicely.
    • Make sure your sentences and paragraphs connect well with each other.
  5. Writing Style and Presentation:
    • Check your writing for any mistakes.
    • Write in a way that’s easy to read and looks good on paper.
  6. Stick to the Word Limit: Don’t write more than what the question asks for.
  7. Be Original and Use Your Study Materials:
    • Write your answers based on what you’ve learned in your study materials.
    • Don’t just copy from your textbooks. Read, understand, and then rewrite in your own words.

And that’s it! Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be set to create great assignments. Good luck!

Following these guidelines will ensure that your assignments are well-prepared and meet the expectations of the IGNOU evaluators.

Creating Your IGNOU Assignment Front Page – Easy Steps!

  • What You’ll Find Here: You can grab a template for your assignment’s front page in both Word and PDF formats. They’re super easy to download and edit to fit your needs. You’ll find these templates in Microsoft Office too.
  • Why Your First Page Matters: Your assignment’s first page is super important. It should look good and follow IGNOU’s official format.
  • Must-Haves on Your Front Page:
  • Programme Full Name
  • Course Code
  • Course Title
  • Assignment Code
  • Study Centre
  • Session Month & Year
  • Mobile Number
  • Enrollment Number
  • Student Name
  • Residence Address
  • Signature
  • Date
  • The Paper: Use A4 size paper and write by hand.
  • The Writing: Write on both sides of the paper. It’s okay to just write the question numbers, but writing out the full questions is even better for understanding.
  • Remember: No printed or typed assignments, IGNOU accepts only handwritten work.

Front Page Templates and More: Download your assignment cover page template with a click! Also, check out free IGNOU solved assignments, guess papers, previous papers, projects, and help books on our website.

Got Questions? Here’s Some Quick Answers!

  1. Printed Front Page? YES, Typed or Handwritten is the way to go, but follow the official IGNOU format.
  2. Clean Handwritten Page? Absolutely, keep it neat and tidy.
  3. What to Include? Name, roll number, course details, submission date, and your contact info.
  4. What Kind of Paper? Always A4 sheets.
  5. Typed Assignments? No, IGNOU wants your assignments handwritten.

Need more help or resources like past question papers? Head over to ignouassignments.in for a treasure trove of materials. If you’ve got more questions or need specific papers, just let us know!

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