IGNOU MAGD Study Material

1st Year  
Course Code Course Name Click to
MGS-01 Gender and Development : Concept, Approaches and Strategies View
MGS-02 Gender, Development Goals and Praxis View
MGS-03 Gender Analysis View
MGSP-01 Internship/Field-based Research Project N/A
MGS-04 Gender- sensitive Planning and Policy Making View
MGS-05 Research Methodologies in Gender and Development Studies View
2nd Year  
Course Code Course Name Click to
MGSE-01 Gender Planning and Development Policies View
MGSE-02 Gender Audit and Gender Budgeting View
MGSE-03 Gender Mainstreaming View
MGSE-04 Gender Issues in Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management View
MGSE-06 Gender, Resources and Entitlements View
MGSE-07 Gender, Organization and Leadership View
MGSE-09 Gender Issues in Work, Employment and Productivity View
MGSE-10 Gender and Entrepreneurship Development View
MGSE-13 Gender Training and Empowerment View
MGSE-20 Gender and Financial Inclusion View

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