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List of Available BA in Philosophy Study Materials:

BPY-01 Indian Philosophy: Part I`
Block-01 Introduction to Indian Philosophy
Block-02 Upanishads-I
Block-03 Upanishads-II
Block-04 Heterodox Systems
BPY-02 Logic: Classical and Symbolic
Block-01 Nature of Logic
Block-02 Reasoning
Block-03 Symbolic Logic: Statements
Block-04 Symbolic Logic: Arguments
BPY-03 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Block-01 Introduction to Philosophy
Block-02 Greek Philosophy: Early Philosophers
Block-03 Greek Philosophy: Classical Period
Block-04 Medieval Philosophy
BPY-05 Indian Philosophy: Part II
Block-01 Orthodox Systems-1
Block-02 Orthodox Systems-2
Block-03 Indian Philosophical Movements
Block-04 Contemporary Indian Thinkers
BPY-06 Metaphysics
Block-01 Definition and Nature Of Metaphysics
Block-02 Metaphysical Structure of Finite Being
Block-03 Metaphysical Nature of Finite Being
Block-04 Notion of Being
BPY-09 Contemporary Western Philosophy
Block-01 Foundations of Contemporary Philosophy
Block-02 Early Continental Philosophy
Block-03 Later Continental Philosophy
Block-04 Analytical Philosophy
BPY-10 Epistemology
Block-01 Introduction
Block-02 Sources of Belief
Block-03 Methods and Justification of Knowledge
Block-04 The Knowing Subject
BPYE-01 Philosophy of Religion
Block-01 Nature and Origin of Religion
Block-02 Problem of Affirming God’s Existence
Block-03 Religious Language and Religious Experience
Block-04 Religious Pluralism and Post-Modern Trends
BPYE-02 Tribal and Dalit Philosophy
Block-01 The Story of the Tribals
Block-02 The Philosophy of the Tribals
Block-03 The Story of Dalits
Block-04 The Philosophy of Dalits

New Uploads:

Course Code Course Name Click to
BPY-004 Religious of the World View
BPY-007 Ethics View
BPY-008 Modern Western Philosophy View
BPY-011 Philosophy of Human Person View
BPY-012 Philosophy of Science and Cosmology View

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