IGNOU BBA Study Material

Course Code Course Name Click to
BRL-001 Overview of Retailing Download
BRL-002 Retail Marketing and Communication Download
BRL-003 Retail Management Perspectives and Communication Download
BRL-004 Customer Service Management Download
BRLT-005 Internship and Viva-Voice Download
BRL-006 Buying and Merchandising Download
BRL-007 Store Opeartion-I Download
BRL-008 Human Resources Download
BRLT-09 On the Job Training and Viva-Voce Download
BRL-10 Buying and Merchandising – II Download
BRL-11 Retail Operations and Store Management II Download
BRL-12 Visual Merchandising and Store Management Download
BRL-13 Customer Value Management Download
BRL-15 IT Application in Retail Download
BRLT-016 On the Job Training (OJT) and Viva Voice Download
AMK-1 Marketing View
BCOA-01 Business Communication and Entrepreneurship View
ECO-01 Business Organization View

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