IGNOU BLIS Study Material

BLIS-01 : Library and Society
Block-01 Development of Libraries and their Role in Society
Block-02 Different Types of Libraries and their Functions
Block-03 Library Legislation
Block-04 Resourse Sharing and User Studies
Block-05 Library Association, Promotional Agencies and Systems
BLIS-02 : Library Management
Block-01 Principles of Library Management
Block-02 Information Resources Development
Block-03 Use and Maintenance of the Library
Block-04 Human Resources Development
Block-05 Library Finance and Budget
BLIS-03 : Library Classification Theory
Block-01 Elements of Library Classification
Block-02 Theory and Development of Library Classification
Block-03 Approaches to Library Classification
Block-04 Study of Selected Schemes of Library Classification
BLIS-03 (Practical) : Library Classification Practical
Block-01 Dewey Decimal Classification (19th Edition) – Part 1
Block-02 Dewey Decimal Classification (19th Edition) – Part 2
Block-03 Colon Classification (6th Edition) : Preliminaries
BLIS-04 : Library Cataloguing Theory
Block-01 History, Purpose and Types of Library Catalogues
Block-02 Format of Catalogue Entries
Block-04 Subject Indexing, Vocabulary Control and Recent Developments in Cataloguing
BLIS-05 : Reference and Information Sources
Block-01 Study of Reference Sources
Block-02 Categories of Referece Sources – Part 1
Block-03 Categories of Referece Sources – Part 2
Block-04 Non-Documentary Sources
BLIS-06 : Information Services
Block-01 Information Services and Organisation
Block-02 Information Services and Techniques
BLIS-07 : Information Technology : Basics
Block-01 Information Technology : Concepts and Basics
Block-02 Application Software
Block-03 Library Automation
Block-04 Information System and Networks

BLIS New Revised Study Materials:

Course Code Course Name Click to
BLI-221 Library, Information and Society View
BLI-222 Information Sources and Services View
BLI-223 Organising and managing Information View
BLI-224 ICT Fundamentals View
BLI-225 Communication Skills View
BLIE-226 Management of Library and Information Centre View
BLIE-227 Document Processing : Practice View
BLIE-228 Information Products and Services View
BLIE-229 ICT in Libraries View

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