IGNOU BPC Guess Paper Solved We present the best series of IGNOU guess papers for sure success in the IGNOU examinations. The IGNOU Guess Papers are a considerably more efficient way of addressing difficulties and also serve as an acceptable preparation for an IGNOU Exam. Students may now use our IGNOU Solved Guess Papers to assist them in studying for tests.

When you practise guess papers more frequently, you develop a better knowledge of how to approach the examination’s questions.


Name of the Courses Course Code     DOWNLOAD
General Psychology  BPC 001   Download
Developmental Psychology  BPC 002   Download
 Research methods in Psychology  BPC 003   Download
Statistics in Psychology  BPC 004   Download
Theories of personality  BPC 005   Download
Social Psychology  BPC 006   Download
 Practicals in Psychological Testing  BPC 007
Practicals in Experimental Psychology  BPCL 008
School Psychology  BPCE 011   Download
Health Psychology  BPCE 012   Download
Motivation and Emotion  BPCE 013   Download
Psychopathology  BPCE 014   Download
 Industrial and Organisational Psychology  BPCE 015   Download
Eastern Psychology  BPCE 016   Download
Introduction to Counselling Psychology  BPCE 017   Download
Neuropsychology  BPCE 018   Download
Environmental Psychology  BPCE 019   Download
Sports Psychology  BPCE 020   Download
Forensic Psychology  BPCE 021   Download
 Practicum in clinical psychology  BPCE 022   Download
Fieldwork Internship in Psychology  BPCE 023   Download



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