IGNOU CFN SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023 Certificate Programme in Food and Nutrition Download PDF

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IGNOU CFN SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2023 Certificate Programme in Food and Nutrition Download PDF


Course Code Course Name HINDI ENGLISH
CFN-1 You and Your Food PDF
CFN-2 Your Food and Its Utilization PDF
CFN-3 Economics of Food PDF

Submission Of Solved Assignment

You need to submit all the assignments within the stipulated time for being eligible to appear in the term-end examination. The completed assignments should be submitted as per the following schedule.

Session Last Date of Submission To be Sent
For January 2023 session

For July 2023 session

30th March 2023

30th September 2023

To the Coordinator of the Study Centre allotted to you
Date will be extended according to IGNOU notice



HOW TO MAKE IGNOU CFN Assignment Front Page

 IGNOU Assignment Front Page:-Here you can download the assignment front page format in word & PDF download. You can easily download the assignment design file and edit it as per your need. You can also find these files in your Microsoft Office. Instructions to design your IGNOU Assignment Cover page The first page of the assignment is very important. It must be attractive and at the same time, it must follow the format prescribed by the University. Here are some guidelines that will help you to make your first page of the assignment flawless exactly like the format issued by the University on its official website. The first page must include the following information.

  • Name
  • Roll number
  • Address
  • Assignment number
  • Name of the course
  • Study Centre
  • Programme
  • Date of submission
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id
  • Your Signature

The assignment must be presented on an A4 size sheet. And it must be handwritten by the students in any course. The answers can be written on both sides of the paper. While writing the answers the students can only write the question number rather than writing the whole question. But it is best to write the whole question so that the understanding is better.

Note:- You can not submit Printed or Typed assignments. IGNOU only accepts Handwritten assignments.

FAQs Related to IGNOU Assignment Front Page Format

Q1. Is it necessary to use a printed IGNOU Assignment Front Page?

Ans:- No, You can use the handwritten IGNOU Assignment front page format. But, You need to make the Assignment front page in the prescribed format by IGNOU and it should contain all the information.

Q2. Can I use the Handwritten IGNOU Assignment front page format?

Ans:- Yes, But you need to make it neat and clean. also, the Assignment Cover page should be in the prescribed format by IGNOU and should contain all the information IGNOU PGDT SOLVED ASSIGNMENT Post Graduate Diploma In Translation MTT Download PDF

Q3. What are the required details to fill in IGNOU Assignment FrontPage?

Ans:- These details should be present on your assignment’s front page

  1. Name
  2. Roll number
  3. Address
  4. Assignment number
  5. Programme
  6. Name of the course
  7. Study Centre
  8. Date of submission
  9. Phone Number
  10. Email Id
  11. Your Signature
Q4. Which Paper should be used for IGNOU Assignments?

Ans:- You should use A4 Sheets for your assignments

Q5. Can I submit typed and printed assignments?

Ans:- No, only Handwritten assignments are accepted by IGNOU. Visit ignouassignments.in for the Assignment, Previous year’s question papers, Exam details, Notifications, and many more. If you need more question papers or assignments comment down. IGNOU CFN SOLVED ASSIGNMENT  2023





Course Code: CFN-1

Assignment Code: CFN-1/AST-1/TMA-1/23

For January 2023 session last date of Submission: 30thApril, 2023

For July 2023 session last date of Submission: 30thOctober, 2023

Maximum Marks: 100

Assignment-1 consists of two parts and is of 100 marks. The weightage given to each part is

indicated in the brackets.

  1. A) Descriptive Type Question
  2. B) Practical Exercise

Part A: Descriptive Type Question

(60 Marks)

(40 Marks)

(60 Marks)

All questions are compulsory

  1. a) Define food. List the factors determining food acceptance. Describe briefly any

one factor determining food acceptance with examples.

  1. b) What are the physiological functions of food? Answer briefly.



  1. a) Calculate the energy value of the following foods in kcal:
  2. i) One teaspoon containing 5 gram of sugar
  3. ii) One tablespoon containing 15 gram of mustard oil

iii) One cup lemon water containing 150 ml water, 10 gram sugar and 2gram salt

  1. b) Explain the importance of water in our body.



  1. Write the functions, sources and the effects of deficiency of the following nutrients:
  2. a) Vitamin D
  3. b) Vitamin C
  4. c) Calcium




  1. a) “Selection of a balanced diet is easier if foods are categorized into food groups”

Justify this statement highlighting the three food groups based on the functions they

perform in the body.

  1. b) “Indian dietary pattern (whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian) is healthier

compared to Western dietary patterns”. Justify this statement.



  1. a) Write about the classification of beverages.
  2. b) List six general rules of personal and food hygiene while handling and cooking




  1. Enlist the methods of preserving perishable food, giving an example for each

method. Explain briefly any two methods of preservation.


  1. a) List the criteria for selection of cereals.
  2. b) Comment on the nutritive value of cereals.



  1. a) What are the changes that take place in fats and oils on heating? Write in brief.
  2. b) What are artificial sweeteners? What is the role of artificial sweeteners in health

and disease?



  1. Explain briefly the nutritive value of:
  2. a) Pulses
  3. b) Nuts and Oilseeds
  4. c) Vegetables
  5. d) Fruits





PART B (Practical Exercises) (40 Marks)

There are four exercises in this part. You must attend all the questions.

  1. Examine the containers/label of the following ready-to-eat convenience foods and

write the information collected in the format given below:



Fruit juice Frozen peas

Name of the food



Brand name



Date of Expiry


Standards-ISI /

FSSAI/Agmark etc


Manufacturing date




Directions for use

Write the advantages and disadvantages of convenience foods (Refer DNHE 1,

Unit 21)


  1. Make a list of 10 spices and condiments used in your household. In which form

(whole/grounded/roasted) and food recipes are they used. Also mention the

importance of spices and condiments in our diet. What points would you keep in

mind in selection of spices? (Refer DNHE 1, Unit 19)

S.No Name of



in English

Name of



in Hindi

Form it is used



any other)

Remarks about the




  1. Visit a milk dairy/milk vending outlet/Mother dairy booth in your locality. List the

types of milk and milk products available. Compare the cost of these items per

litre/kg. What is the nutritive value of milk and/or products. Present your answer in

tabulated form.


  1. In your house/mess/canteen observe the preparation of
  2. a) Dal
  3. b) Roti
  4. c) Rice

Write the methods used in pre-preparation of food and the cooking methods for

each of the three preparations.






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