IGNOU DCE Study Material

DCE-01 General Principles of Writing
Block-01 Fundamental Norms of Writing
Block-02 Structure of Material
Block-03 Dramatization of Ideas
Block-04 Preparing a Press Copy
DCE-02 Feature Writing
Block-01 Writing about Women
Block-02 Book Reviews
Block-03 Travel Writing
Block-04 Interviews
DCE-03 Short Story
Block-01 Basic Elements of a short story
Block-02 Writing for Children
Block-03 Detective Stories
Block-04 Experimental Stories
DCE-04 Writing for Media: Radio and Television
Block-01 Writing for Radio-I
Block-02 Writing for radio-II
Block-03 Writing for TV-I
Block-04 Writing for TV-II
DCE-05 Writing Poetry
Block-01 Theme
Block-02 Structure
Block-03 Imagery & Symbols
Block-04 Language & Rhythm

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