IGNOU DDT Study Material

BPVI-013 Milk Processing and Packaging
Block-01 Milk Reception
Block-02 Processing of Milk
Block-03 Packaging And Distribution
Block-04 Cleaning And Sanitization
BPVI-014 Dairy Products – I
Block-01 Cream
Block-02 Butter
Block-03 Ghee, Butter Oil And Low Fat Spreads
BPVI-015 Dairy Products – II
Block-01 Heat Desiccated Products
Block-02 Paneer and Chhana
Block-03 Concentrated Milks
Block-04 Dried Milks
BPVI-016 Dairy Products – III
Block-01 Fermented Products
Block-02 Cheese
Block-03 Frozen Dairy Products
Block-04 By – Products
BPVI-017 Quality Assurance
Block-01 Quality
Block-02 Chemical and Microbiological Analysis of Dairy Products
Block-03 Sensory Evaluation
Block-04 Packaging Materials and Other Food Ingredients
BPVI-018 Dairy Management and Entrepreneurship
Block-01 Dairy Plant Management
Block-02 Book-keeping and Accountancy
Block-03 Marketing and Logistics Management
Block-04 Entrepreneurship and Organization Building
BPVI – 011 Milk Production and Quality of Milk
Block-01 Dairy Development And Cooperative System
Block-02 Milk Production
Block-03 Fundamentals of Dairy Chemistry
BPVI – 012 Diary Equipment and Utilities
Block-01 Dairy Equipment And Their Maintenance
Block-02 Refrigeration Systems
Block-03 Steam Generation And Boilers
Block-04 Electrical Engineering And Safety Devices
Block-05 Water Supply And Dairy Effluent System

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