IGNOU MA Education Study Material

MES-11 Understanding Education
MES-12 Education Nature and Purposes
MES-13 Learning, Learner and Development
MES-14 Societal Context of Education
MES-15 Operational Dimensions of Education
MES-16 Educational Research
Specialised Areas in Education
[A] Higher Education:
MES-101 Higher Education: Its Context and Linkages
MES-102 Instruction in Higher Education
MES-103 Higher Education: The Psycho-Social Context
[B] Distance Education:
MES-112 Design and Development of Self Learning Print Materials
MES-113 Learner Support Services
MES-114 Management of Distance Education
MES-115 Communication Technology for Distance Education
[C] Educational Management:
MES-43 Organisational Behaviour

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