IGNOU MACS Study Material

First(1st) Semester
MMT-01 Programming & Data Structures
Block-01 Introduction to the C Programming
Block-02 Programming in C
Block-03 Data Structures
Block-04 Laboratory Manual
MMT-02 Linear Algebra
Block-01 Jordan Canonical Form
Block-02  Applications of Unitary Matrices
MMT-004 Real Analysis
Block-01 Metric Spaces
Block-02 Calculus In Rn
Block-03 Measure and Integral
MMT-007 Differential Equations and Numerical Solutions
Block-01 Ordinary Differential Equations
Block-02 Partial Differential Equations
Block-03 Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations
Block-04 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equtaions
Second(2nd) Semester
MMT-006 Functional Analysis
MMT-008 Probability and Statistics
Block-01 Markov Chains
Block-02 Markov Processes With Countable
Block-03 Renewal Processes
Block-04 Queueing Theory
Block-05 Basics Of Multivariate Normal
Block-06 Distributions Associated With MVN
Block-07 Applications Of MVN
Block-08 Additional Application of MVN
Third(3rd) Semester
MMTE-004 Computer Graphics
MMT-09 Mathematical Modeling
Block-01 Introduction to Mathematical Modelling
Block-02 Models in Biology and Economics
Fourth(4th) Semester
MMTE-007 Soft Computing & Applications
Block-01 Fuzzy Sets
Block-02 Neural Networks-I
Block-03 Neural Networks-II
Block-04 Genetic Algorithms (GA)

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