IGNOU MAEDS Study Material

MEDS-08 Extension Communication and Diffusion of Innovations for Development
Block-01 Communication in Extension and Development
Block-02 Information and Communication Technology for Development
Block-03 Diffusion of Innovations for Development
Block-04 Innovation, Innovativeness and Adopter Categories
MEDS-09 Development in India-Pre and Post Liberalization Period
Block-01 Development Initiatives and Planning
Block-02 Rural Development in India
Block-03 Urban Development in India
Block-04 Social Development
Block-05 Role of Public, Private and Service Sectors in Development
MEDS-10 Training for Development
Block-01 Fundamentals of Training
Block-02 Trainer and Training Management
Block-03 Process of Training
Block-04 Emerging Developments in Training
MEDS-11 Local Self Governance
Block-01 Democratic Decentralization
Block-02 Local Governance and Local Organizations
Block-03 Decentralized Planning and Development
Block-04 Peoples Participation, Leadership and Capacity Building
MEDSE-15 Family Healthcare Education
Block-01 Population and Health Care
Block-02 Issues and Challenges of Family Health Care
Block-03 Health Care System and Strategies
MEDSP-17 Dissertation (Compulsory)

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