IGNOU MAPY Study Material

MPYE-01 Logic
Block-01 Classical Logic
Block-02 Sentential Logic 1: Introduction
Block-03 Sentential Logic 2: Proving Validity
Block-04 Predicate Logic
MPYE-02 Ethics
Block-01 Introduction to Ethics
Block-02 Ethical Foundations
Block-03 Applied Ethics
Block-04 Current Ethical Debates
MPYE-03 Epistemology
Block-01 Introduction
Block-02 Justification of Knowledge
Block-03 Hermeneutics
Block-04 Post-Hermeneutic Epistemology
MPYE-04 Philosophy of Human Person
Block-01 General Introduction
Block-02 Human Existence and Freedom
Block-03 Human Relationality
Block-04 Human Destiny
MPYE-05 World Religions
Block-01 Jainism and Buddhism
Block-02 Hinduism and Sikhism
Block-03 Judaism and Christianity
Block-04 Islam and Other Religions
MPYE-06 Dalit Philosophy
Block-01 Historico-Social Basis of Dalit Philosophy
Block-02 Religious Philosophy of Dalits
Block-03 Philosophy as World-View and Outlook
Block-04 Dalit Philosophers of India
MPYE-07 Research Methodology in Philosophy
Block-01 Basics of Research in Philosophy
Block-02 Earlier Methods in Philosophy
Block-03 Recent Methods in Philosophy
Block-04 Methodology of Preparing Research Paper
MPYE-08 Metaphysics
Block-01 Introduction to Metaphysics
Block-02 Structure of Finite Being
Block-03 Relation of Being and Beings
Block-04 Notion of Being
MPYE-09 Philosophy of Science an Cosmology
Block-01 Introduction
Block-02 Schools of Contemporary Philosophy of Science
Block-03 Contemporary Cosmological Theories
Block-04 Special Issues in Contemporary Philosophy of Science and Cosmology
MPYE-10 Philosophy of Religion
Block-01 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
Block-02 Foundations of Religion
Block-03 Atheism / A-theism
Block-04 Theism
MPYE-11 Philosophy of Arts (Aesthetics)
Block-01 Introduction
Block-02 Indian Aesthetics
Block-03 Western Aesthetics
Block-04 Aesthetics – Its Application
MPYE-12 Tribal Philosophy
Block-01 Historico-Social Basis of Tribal Philosophy
Block-02 Philosophy as World-View and Outlook
Block-03 Political and Economic Philosophy
Block-04 Religious Philosophy
MPYE-13 Philosophy of Technology
Block-01 Reality: Chaos Theory and Nanotechnology
Block-02 Life: Genetics and Human Genome Project
Block-03 Consciousness: Artificial Intelligence and Neurotheology
Block-04 Death and Physical Immortality
MPYE-15 Gandhian Philosophy
Block-01 Introduction to Gandhian Philosophy
Block-02 Gandhian Philosophy of Religion
Block-03 Gandhian Socio-Political Philosophy
Block-04 Relevance of Gandhian Philosophy
MPYE-16 Aurobindo Philosophy
Block-01 Introduction to Philosophy of Aurobindo
Block-02 Integral Vision of Reality
Block-03 Aurobindo’s Philosophy of Human Being
Block-04 Significance of Aurobindo’s Philosophy

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