IGNOU MBA Guess Paper Solved DOWNLOAD PDF | MMPC Guess Paper

IGNOU MBA (NEW) 1st Semester Solved Assignments  LINK
MMPC-001: Management Functions and Organizational Processes  Download 
MMPC-002: Human Resource Management  Download 
MMPC-003: Business Environment Download 
MMPC-004  Accounting for Managers Download 
MMPC-005: Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications Download 
MMPC-006: Marketing Management Download 
MMPC-007: Business Communication Download 
 IGNOU MBA (NEW) 2nd Semester Solved Assignments  LINK
MMPC-008: Information Systems For Managers Download 
MMPC-009: Management of Machines and Materials Download 
MMPC-010: Managerial Economics Download 
MMPC-011  Social Processes and Behavioral Issues Download 
MMPC-012: Strategic Management Download 
MMPC-013: Business Laws Download 
MMPC-014: Financial Management Download 
IGNOU MBA (NEW) 3rd Semester Solved Assignments  LINK
MMPH-001: Organizational Theory and Design Download 
MMPH-002: Human Resource Development Download 
MMPH-004: Industrial and Employment Relations Download 
MMPH-005: Organisational Development and Change Download
MMPB-006: Corporate Governance in Banking and Financial Sector Download 
MMPH-007: Management Functions and Organisational Processes Download 
IGNOU MBA (NEW) Solved assignments.


MMPC -015 Research Methodologies for Management Decisions Download 
MMPC -016 International Business Management  Download 
MMPP-001 Project Course  VIEW
MMPC -017 Advanced Strategic Management  Download
MMPC -018 Entrepreneurship (New) Download
MMPC-019 Total Quality Management Quality Management Download
MMPC-020 Business Ethics  Download
MMPH-007 Compensation and Reward Management  Download
MMPH-008 Labor Laws
MMPH-009 International Human Resource
MMPF-001 Working Capital Management
MMPF-002 Capital Investment and Financing Decision Download 
MMPF-003 Management Control Systems  Download 
MMPF-006 Management of Financial Services Download 
MMPF-007 Equity Markets
MMPF-004 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MMPF-005 International Financial Management
MMPF-008 Equity Derivatives
MMPF-009 Commodity Markets  
MMPF-010 Currency and Debt Markets  
MMPF-011 Management of Insurance Services  
MMPO-002 Project Management  Download 
MMPO-003 Production/ Operations Management Download 
MMPO-005 Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Download 
MMPO-004 Management Information System  Download 
MMPO-006 Material Management  Download 
MMPO-507 Maintenance Management  
MMPO-508 Management of R&D and Innovation  
MMPO-509 International Logistics Management  
MMPM-001 Consumer Behavior  Download
MMPM-002 Sales Management  Download
MMPM-003 Product Management Download
MMPM-005 Marketing of Services  Download
MMPM-004 International Marketing  
MMPM-006 Marketing Research  
MMPM-008 Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising  
MMPM-011 Rural Marketing  
MMPH-002 Human Resource Development Download
MMPO-005 Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Download 
MMPF-006 Management of Financial Services Download
MMPM-005 Marketing of Services  
MMPM-012 Retail Marketing  
MMPF-012 Services Marketing of Financial  
MMPF-011 Management of Insurance Services  




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