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IGNOU MEC Guess Paper Solved We present the best series of IGNOU guess papers for sure success in the IGNOU examinations. The IGNOU Guess Papers are a considerably more efficient way of addressing difficulties and also serve as an acceptable preparation for an IGNOU Exam. Students may now use our IGNOU Solved Guess Papers to assist them in studying for tests.

When you practice guess papers more frequently, you develop a better knowledge of how to approach the examination’s questions.

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IGNOU MEC First Year 

Course Code Course Name HINDI ENGLISH
MEC-101 Micro Economic Analysis Download Download
MEC-002 Macro-Economic Analysis Download Download
MEC-103 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis Download Download
MEC-004 Economics of Growth and Development Download Download
MEC-105 Indian Economic Policy Download Download

IGNOU MEC Second Year 

Course Code Course Name HINDI ENGLISH
MEC-106 Public Economics Download Download
MEC-007 International Trade and Finance Download Download
MEC-108 Economics of Social Sector and Environment Download Download
MEC-109 Research Methods in Economics Download Download
Optional Courses 
MECP-101 Project Work- MECP-101
MECE-001 Econometric Methods
MECE-003 Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice Download Download
MECE-004 Financial Institutions and Markets Download Download
MECE-002 Computer Applications in Economic Analysis
MPA-15 Public Policy and Analysis Download Download
MPA-17 Electronic Governance Download D0wnload









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