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IGNOU MPS Guess Paper Solved We present the best series of IGNOU guess papers for sure success in the IGNOU examinations. The IGNOU Guess Papers are a considerably more efficient way of addressing difficulties and also serve as an acceptable preparation for an IGNOU Exam. Students may now use our IGNOU Solved Guess Papers to assist them in studying for tests.

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Download Link Given Below:- IGNOU MA Political Science 1st Year 

Course Code

Course Name

MPS-003 India: Democracy and Development Download Download
MPS-001 Political Theory Download Download
MPS-002 International Relations: Problems and Theory Download Download
MPS-004 Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends Download Download
COMBO MPS-1-2-3-4 Download Download

IGNOU MA Political Science 2nd Year 

Course Code Course Name HINDI ENGLISH
MGP-004 Gandhi’s Political Thought Download Download
MGPE-010 Conflict Management Transformation and Peace Building Download Download
MGPE-011 Human Security Download Download
MGPE-013 Civil Society, Political Regimes and Conflicts Download Download
MPSE-003 Western Political Thought Download Download
MPSE-004 Social and Political Thought in Modern India Download Download
MPSE-001 India and the World Download Download
Mpse-002 State and Society in Latin America Download Download
MPSE-005 State and Society in Africa Download Download
MPSE-006 Peace and Conflict Studies Download Download
MPSE-007 Social Movements and Politics in India Download Download
MPSE-008 State Politics in India Download Download
MPSE-009 Canada: Politics and Society Download Download
MPSE-010 Dissertation (Optional)    
MPSE-011 The European Vision in World Affairs Download Download
MPSE-012 State and Society in Australia Download Download
MPSE-013 Australia’s Foreign Policy Download Download
MED-002 Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges Download Download
MGPE-007 Non-violence Movements after Gandhi Download Download
MGPE-008 Gandhian Approach to Peace and Conflict Resolution Download Download
MED-008 Globalization and Environment Download Download

IGNOU MPS Guess Paper Solved







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