IGNOU PGCCL Study Material

MIR-11 Cyberspace Technology and Social Issues
Block-01 Introduction to ICT and Cyberspace
Block-02 Social Issue in the Regulation of Cyberspace
Block-03 Emerging Social Issues from
MIR-12 Regulation of Cyberspace
Block-01 Laws and Entities Governing Cyberspace
Block-02 Cyber Crimes and Torts
Block-03 Dispute Resolution in Cyberspace
MIR-13: Commerce and Cyberspace
Block-01 E-commerce
Block-02 Online Contracts
Block-03 Intellactual Property Protection in Cyberspace
Block-04 Management of IPRs in Cyberspace
MIR-14: Privacy and Data Protection
Block-01 Right to Privacy and its Legal Framework
Block-02 Data Security
Block-03 Data Protection
Block-04 Emerging issues in data protection/ privacy

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