IGNOU PGDAE Study Material

MAE-01 Understanding Adult Education
Block-01 Development of Adult Education
Block-02 Foundations of Adult Education
Block-03 Curriculum Development, Transaction and Evaluation
MAE-02 Policy Planning and Implementation of Adult Education in India
Block-01 Five Year Plans and Adult Education
Block-02 Implementing Agencies
Block-03 Participatory Traning and Research in Adult Education
Block-04 Towards Lifelong Learning: Creating a Literate Enviornment
MAE-03 Knowledge Management, Information Dissemination and Networking in Adult Education
Block-01 Knowledge and Documentation
Block-02 Information Management and Dissemination
Block-03 Networking and Adult Learning
Block-04 Networking Managemnet for Learning Society Networking
MES-16 Educational Research
Block-01 Perspective Of Knowledge
Block-02 Different Types Of Studies In Educational Research
Block-03 Research Design
Block-04 Data Analysis And Interpretation
Block-05 Research Reports And Applications

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