IGNOU PGDGM Study Material

MME-04 Basic Geriatrics
Block-01 Demography and Epidemiology of Aging
Block-02 Biological Process of Aging
Block-03 Making Elderly Less Vulnerable
Block-04 Coping with Aging
Block-05 Psychosocial Geriatrics
Block-06 Rehabilitation Geriatrics
MME-05 Clinical Geriatrics
Block-01 Different Face of Clinical Geriatrics
Block-02 Gastrointestinal and Respiratory Disorders
Block-03 Cardivascular and Haematological Disorders
Block-04 CNS and Neuro-psychiatric Disorders
Block-05 Genitourinary and Endocrinological Disorders
Block-06 Musculoskeletal and Special Senses Disorders
Block-07 Malignancies and the Terminally III
Block-08 Miscellaneous Disorders

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