IGNOU Post Basic BSc Nursing Study Material
Course Code Course Name
BNS-101 Nursing Foundation
BNS-102 Applied Sciences (Biochemistry, Biophysics, Microbiology and Nutrition and Dietetics)
BNS-103 Maternal Nursing
BNS-104 Communicative English
BNS-105 Behavioural Sciences
BNS-106 Medical Surgical Nursing
BNS-107 Paediatric Nursing
BNS-108 Mental Health Nursing
BNS-109 Community Health Nursing
BNS-111 Nursing Education and Research
BNSL-101 Nursing Foundation
BNSL-102 Applied Science (Biochemistry, Biophysics, MicroBiology and Nutrition and Dietetics)
BNSL-107 Paediatric Nursing
BNSL-109 Community Health Nursing
BNSL-110 Nursing Administration and Management
BNSL-111 Nursing Education and Research
BNSL-112 Computer in Nursing