IGNOU BSCHOT Study Material

BOS-001 Communicative English
Block-01 Reading Comprehension
Block-02 Writing Skills
Block-03 Study Skills
Block-04 Speaking Skills
BOS-002 Computer Skills
Block-01 Windows 2000 Professional and Internet
Block-02 MS Word
Block-03 Introduction to MS Excel and PowerPoint
Block-04 Computers in Ophthalmology
BOS-004 Basic Ocular Sciences
Block-01 Ocular Anatomy
Block-02 Ocular Physiology and Biochemistry
Block-03 Ocular Physiology and Microbiology
Block-04 Ocular Pharmacology
BOS-005 Optometry Practice
Block-01 Physical and Geometrical Optics
Block-02 Methods of Examination of the Eye
Block-03 Community Health
Block-04 Hospital Acquaintance

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