IGNOU BScN Study Material

BNA-11                   Applied Mathematics
Block-01 A.M.
Block-02 A.M.
Block-03 A.M.
BNA-12 Applied Science
BNA-013              Electricity and Electronics
Block-01 Electricity
Block-02 Electronics
BNA-014 Navigation
Block-01 Download
Block-02 Download
Block-03 Download
BNA-015 Navigation-II
Block-01 Download
Block-02 Download
BNA-16 Cargo Handling, Stowage and Seamanship
BNA-17 English & Human Factors
BNA-31                   Ship Safety & Security
Block-01 Watch Keeping & Procedures
Block-02 Safety and Security
BNA-41                    Navigational Aids and Environmental Protection
Block-01 Development in Navigational Aids
Block-02 Emergencies & Safety
BNA-51                    Ship Manoeuvring and Future Issues
Block-01 Marine Insurance And Vetting Inspections
Block-02 Ship Manoeuvring And Future Issues
Lab I Applied Science and Computer Lab
Lab II Cargo Work

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