IGNOU CFN Study Material

CFN-2 Your Food and its Utilisation
Block 1 How to Meet Nutritional Needs of the Body? Download
Block 2 Assimilation of Food and Effects on Growth and Activity Download
Block 3 Nutrition of the Mother and the Child Download
Block 4 Nutrition from School Age to Old Age Download
Block 5 Nutritional Status, Food Habits and Food Misconceptions Download
CFN-3 Economics of Food
Block 1 Food Budgeting, Agricultural Production and Distribution Download
Block 2 Governmental Politics and Programmes Download
Block 3 Protection, Safety and Consumer Education Download

7 thoughts on “IGNOU CFN Study Material”

  1. Please provide CFN-1 study material in English.
    CFN-2 and CFN – 3 material is available.
    How can we start course without CFN-1?

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