IGNOU DMT Study Material

BPVI-021 Fundamentals of Meat Science
Block-01 Biochemistry
Block-02 Nutrition
Block-03 Microbiology
BPVI-022 Meat Animals and Abattoir Practices
Block-01 Meat Animals
Block-02 Abattoir Practices
Block-03 Handling and Selection of Quality Meat Animals
Block-04 Slaughter Techniques and Meat Inspection
BPVI-023 Fresh Meat Technology
Block-01 Structure of Muscle and Composition of Meat
Block-02 Quality of Fresh Meat
Block-03 Storage of Fresh Meat
BPVI-024 Processed Meat Technology
Block-01 Principles of Meat Processing
Block-02 Meat Product
BPVI-025 Meat Packaging and Quality
Block-01 Packaging
BPVI-026 Poultry Products Technology
Block-01 Eggs and Egg Products
Block-02 Fresh Poultry Meat Technology
Block-03 Poultry Meat and Meat Products
BPVI-027 Utilisation of Animal By-products
Block-01 Introduction of Animal By-Products   
Block-02 By-Products Processing Plant
Block-03 Waste Disposal
BPVI-028 Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Block-01 Marketing
Block-02 Enterpreneurship

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