IGNOU DNA Study Material

BNS-11 Principles and Practices of Nursing Management
Block-01 Principles of Nursing and Public Administration
Block-02 Administration of Health Services in India
Block-03 Nursing Service in Hospital
Block-04 Performance Appraisal, Staff Development and Career Opportunities
BNS-12 Management of Educational Institute, Hospital and Community
Block-01 Administration of Educational Institute
Block-02 Supervision, Guidance and Counselling
Block-03 Quality Patient Care and Quality Assurance
Block-04 Community Health Nursing Services Administration
BNS-13 Group Dynamics
Block-01 Group Dynamics in Nursing
Block-02 Leadership
Block-03 Communication
Block-04 Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing Administration
BNS-14 Resource Management
Block-01 Personnel Management
Block-02 Material Management
Block-03 Hospital Information System
Block-04 Office Management and Computer Application

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