IGNOU DNHE Study Material

DNHE- 01 Nutrition for the Community
Block-01 Basic Concepts In Nutrition-I
Block-02 Basic Concepts In Nutrition — II
Block-03 Meal Planning
Block-04 Effective Utilization of Food Resources
Block-05 Nutrition-Related Disorders
Block-06 Nutrition Programmes
DNHE- 02 Public Health and Hygiene
Block-01 Health Indicators
Block-02 Environmental Sanitation And Safety
Block-03 Dietary Management of Disease
Block-04 Food Borne diseases, Food Infections and Intoxications
Block-05 Common Infectious Diseases
Block-06 Public Health and Related Issues
DNHE- 03 Nutrition and Health Education
Block-01 Nutrition and Health Status of the Community
Block-02 Themes and Messages in Nutrition and Health Education
Block-03 Methods of Communication in Nutrition and Health Education
Block-04 Approaches in Nutrition and Health Education
Block-05 Community Strategies in Nutrition and Health Education
Block-06 Nutrition Programmes

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