IGNOU DPVCPO Study Material

BPVI-31 Food Fundamentals
Block-01 Post Harvest Management
Block-02 Basic Principles – II
Block-04 Quality Aspect
BPVI-32 Food Microbiology
Block-01 Introduction
Block-02  Controlling Organisms
Block-03 Food Poisoning
BPVI-33 Milling of Wheat, Maize and Coarse Grains
Block-01 Milling Machines-I
Block-02 Diagram Technique
Block-03 Processing of Coarse Grains Including Maize for Value Addition
Block-04 Milling of Maize
BPVI-34 Baking and Flour Confectionery
Block-01 Flour Quality
Block-02 Fundamentals of Bread Making
Block-03 Fundamentals of Baking
BPVI-35 Paddy Processing
Block-01 General
Block-02 Parboiling and Drying Principles
Block-03 Paddy Storage and Milling Management
Block-04 By-Products of Rice Milling
BPVI-36 Processing of Pulses and Oil-seeds
Block-01 Processing of Pulses
Block-02 Processing of Soybean
BPVI-37 Food Quality Testing and Evaluation
Block-01 Quality
Block-02 Testing and Evaluation
Block-03 Analytical Instrumentation
BPVI-38 Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Block-01 Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship
Block-02 Setting up an Enterprise
Block-03 Planning for the Enterprise
Block-04 Marketing Management of the Enterprise
Block-05 Assessing Performance

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