IGNOU DVAPFV Study Material

BPVI-001 Food Fundamentals
Block-01 Introduction to Food Science & Technology
Block-02  Characteristics of Edible Agriculture Produce
Block-03 Nutrition
Block-04 Quality Aspects
BPVI-002 Horticultural Produce
Block-01 Need & Importance
Block-02 Post Harvest Treatments
Block-03 Storage and Marketing
Block-04 Processing and Preservation
BPVI-003 Food Chemistry and Physiology
Block-01 Introduction
Block-02 Food Constituents
Block-03 Food Physiology
Block-04 Food Fermentation
BPVI-004 Food Processing and Engineering-I
Block-01 Introduction
Block-02 Unit Operations: Milling, Size Reduction; Material handling & Transportation
Block-03 Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables
Block-04 Plant Layout, Equipment and Mechanisation
BPVI-005 Food Microbiology
Block-01 Introduction
Block-02 Controlling Microorganisms
Block-03 Food Poisoning
Block-04 Safe Chemicals and Microbial Limits for Different Foods
BPVI-006 Food Processing and Engineering-II
Block-01 Food Preservation by Application of Heat
Block-02 Food preservation through Water Removal
Block-03 Food Preservation through Temperature Reduction, Atmospheric Control and Irradiation
Block-04 Product Utilization
Block-05 Food Packaging
BPVI-007 Food Quality Testing and Evaluation
Block-01 Quality
Block-02 Testing and Evaluation
Block-03 Laboratory Equipment and Instrumentation
BPVI-008 Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Block-01 Enterpreneur and Interpreneurship
Block-02 Setting up an Enterprise
Block-03 Planning for the Enterprise
Block-04 Marketing Management of the Enterprise
Block-05 Assessing Performance

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