IGNOU DWED Study Material

BWEE- 06 Organisation and Leadership
Block-01 Group Processes and Participatory Decision Making
Block-02 Groups and Self Help Groups
Block-03 Coopratives
Block-04 Identification of Group Leaders and Leadership Training
BWEE- 07 Work and Entrepreneurship
Block-01 Women’s Work and Productivity
Block-02 Developing Entrepreneurial Qualities and Motivation
Block-03 Managing an Enterprise: Setting up and Running an Enterprise
Block-04 Managing Money
Block-05 Managing People
Block-06 Income Generation Projects with Women
BWEE-12 Women and Society: Global Concerns and Local Issues
Block-01 Women & Social Construction of Gender
Block-02 Women & Economy
Block-03 International Convention & Constitutional Mandates for Gender Equality
Block-04 Women, Crime & Law
Block-05 Women’s Political Participation
Block-06 Women, Education & Media
Block-07 Women, Social Movements & Change

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