IGNOU MFN-03 Study Material

MFN-03 Food Microbiology and Safety
Unit-1 Microbiology of Foods Download
Unit-2 Food Safety – Basic Concepts Download
Unit-3 Occurrence and Growth of Microorganisms in Food Download
Unit-4 Food Spoilage Download
Unit-5 Food Hazards of Microbial Origin Download
Unit-6 Food Contaminants Download
Unit-7 Food Additives Download
Unit-8 Food Adulteration Download
Unit-9 Food Safety in Food Service Establishments and Other Food Areas Download
Unit-10 Hygiene and Sanitation in Food Service Establishments Download
Unit-11 Food Packaging Download
Unit-12 Risk Analysis Download
Unit-13 Haccp – A Food Safety Assurance System Download
Unit-14 Food Regulations: Standards and Quality Control Download

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