IGNOU MFN-07 Study Material

MFN-07 Entrepreneurship and Food Service Management
Unit-1 History and Development of Food Service System Download
Unit-2 Planning a Food Service Unit Download
Unit-3 Setting up Food Service Unit Download
Unit-4 Entrepreneurship and Food Service Management Download
Unit-5 Food Management: Menu Planning — Focal Point of All Activities in Food Service Establishments Download
Unit-6 Food Management: Purchase and Storage Download
Unit-7 Food Management: Quality Food Production — Planning and Control Download
Unit-8 Quality Food Production: Kitchen Production Download
Unit-9 Food Management: Records and Controls Download
Unit-10 Food Management: Delivery and Service — Goals and Issues Download
Unit-11 Food Management: Delivery and Service Styles Download
Unit-12 Food Management: Types of Food Service Systems Download
Unit-13 Personnel Management: Leadership Download
Unit-14 Personnel Management: Staff Planning and Management Download
Unit-15 Personnel Function — Work Productivity Download
Unit-16 Plant and Equipment Maintenance Download
Unit-17 Plant Sanitation and Safety Download
Unit-18 Issues in Food Safety Download
Unit-19 Issue in Worker Safety and Security Download

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