IGNOU MFN-08 Study Material

MFN-08 Principles of Food Science
Unit-1 Introduction to Food Science and Simple Sugars Download
Unit-2 Food Polysaccharides and Their Applications Download
Unit-3 Lipids Download
Unit-4 Proteins Download
Unit-5 Vitamins and Minerals Download
Unit-6 Enzyme,Pigments and Dietry Fibre Download
Unit-7 Sols, Gels and Emulsions Download
Unit-8 Properties of Food Download
Unit-9 Chemical, Physical and Nutritional Alterations Occuring in Foods During Processing and Storage Download
Unit-10 Introduction to Food Processing Download
Unit-11 Methods of Food Processing – I Download
Unit-12 Methods of Food Processing – II Download
Unit-13 Pre and Primary Processing – Some Basic Concepts Download
Unit-14 Product Development And Evaluation Download

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