IGNOU MFN-09 Study Material

MFN-09 Research Methods and Biostatics
Unit-1 Basic Concepts Download
Unit-2 Formulation of Research Problem Download
Unit-3 Design Strategies in Research: Descriptive Studies Download
Unit-4 Design Strategies in Research: Analytic Studies Download
Unit-5 Issues in the Design and Conduct of Selected Epidemiological Research Designs Download
Unit-6 Methods of Sampling Download
Unit-7 Research Tools-I: Questionnaire, Rating Scale, Attitude Scale and Tests Download
Unit-8 Research Tools-II: Interview, Observation and Documents Download
Unit-9 Data Collection52 Download
Unit-10 Tabulation and Organization of Data Download
Unit-11 Reference Values, Health Indicators and Validity of Diagnostic Tests Download
Unit-12 Analysis of Data Download
Unit-13 Statistical Testing of Hypothesis Download
Unit-14 Data Management, Analysis and Presentation Download

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