IGNOU PGDCC Study Material

MCC-01 Fundamentals of Cardiovascular System-I
Block-01 Basic Anatomy, Physiology, Development and Radiology of the Heart
Block-02 Fundamentals of Electrocardiography
MCC-02 Fundamentals of Cardiovascular System-II
Block-01 Fundamentals of Echocardiography
Block-02 Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography, and Radionuclides Studies
MCC-003 Common Cardiovascular Diseases- I
Block-01 Hypertension and Heart Failure
Block-02 Ischaemic Heart Diseases
MCC-04 Common Cardiovascular Diseases- II
Block-01 Rheumatic Fever and Infective Endocarditis
Block-02 Valvular Heart Disease, Diseases of Pericardium and Cardiomyopathy
MCC-05 Common Cardiovascular Diseases- III
Block-01 Common Cardiovascular Disease
Block-02 Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiac Rehabilitation
MCC-006 Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Block-01 Prevetive Cardiology
MCC-007 Cardiovascular Related Disorders
Block-01 Cardiovascular Related Disorders
MCCL-01 Cardiovascular Evaluation I
Block-01 Log Book
Block-02 Clinical Evaluation
MCCL-002 Cardiovascular Evaluation II
MCCL-003 Management of Common Cardiovascular Diseases
MCCL-004 Management of Congenital Heart Diseases
MCCL-005 Preventive Cardiology
MCCL-006 Intensive Coronary Care
1 Intensive Coronary Care
2 Log Book

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