IGNOU PGDESD Study Material

MED-01 Understanding the Environment
Block-01 Our Environment and its Components
Block-02 People and the Environment
MED-02 Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges
Block-01 Introduction to Sustainable Development
Block-02 Developmental Issues
Block-03 Initiatives Towards Sustainable Development
Block-04 Strategy for Sustainable Development
MED-03 Energy and Environment
Block-01 Energy and Environment: Current Concerns
Block-02 Energy Policy and Planning
Block-03 Economics of Energy and Environment
Block-04 Energy, Sustainability and Environment
MED-04 Towards Participatory Management
Block-01 Genesis and Concepts of Participatory Management
Block-02 Approaches and Practices
Block-03 Programmes and Services
Block-04 Participatory Resource Management
MED-05 Integrated Environment Management Urban and Rural
Block-01 Evolving Concepts and Principles
Block-02 Sectoral Approaches
Block-03 Environmental Management: Dimensions and Approaches
Block-04 Governance Approach
MED-06 Natural Resource Management: Physical and Biotic
Block-01 Natural Resources: Physical
Block-02 Natural Resources: Biotic
Block-03 Conservation of Biotic Resources
MED-07 Agriculture and Environment
Block-01 Environment-Agriculture Relationship
Block-02 Agro-Environmental Resources: Issues & Challenges
Block-03 Strategies for Eco-friendly Agriculture
Block-04 Towards a Greener Future
MED-08 Globalisation, Environment and Development
Block-01 Global Concerns
Block-02 Global Responses
Block-03 Global Movements and Experiences

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