IGNOU PGDIBO Study Material

IBO-01 International Business Environment
Block-01 Concepts and Dimension
Block-02 Globalization : Process and Forces
Block-03 World Trading Systems and Institution
Block-04 Legal Environment
Block-05 Contemporary Developments and Issues
IBO-02 International Marketing Management
Block-01 Introduction to International Marketing
Block-02 International Market Selection and Entry
Block-03 International Product and Pricing Decisions
Block-04 International Distribution and Promotion
Block-05 Managing International Marketing Operations
Block-06 International Marketing Research
IBO-03 India’s Foreign Trade
Block-01 Foreign Trade : An Overview
Block-02 Institutional Framework Policies
Block-03 Trade Prospects of Select Product-I
Block-04 Trade Prospects with Select Product-II
Block-05 Trade Prospects of Select Markets
IBO-04 Export Import Procedures and Documentation
Block-01 Export Import Documentation & Policies
Block-02 Terms of Payment and Financing Practices
Block-03 Export Import Trade Operations
Block-04 Export Assistance and Support Measures
IBO-05 International Marketing Logistics
Block-01 International Marketing, Logistic System
Block-02 International Transport System
Block-03 International Freighting Practices
Block-04 Port Systems and Institutional Arrangement

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