IGNOU PGDIPR Study Material

MIP-001 General Overview of Intellectual Property
Unit-01 Intellectual Property Rights: Concepts And Forms
Unit-02 Role Of Intellectual Property In Growth And Development
Unit-03 Protecting Intellectual Property
Unit-04 World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) And World Trade Organization (WTO)
MIP-002 Industrial Property: Patents, Industrial Designs, Integrated Circuits and Plant Varieties
Unit-01 Patents, Paris Convention
Unit-02 International Patent System
Unit-03 Trips, Designs
Unit-04 Plant Varieties And Biotechnology
MIP-003 Industrial Property: Trademarks, Geographical Indicators, Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition
Unit-01 Trademarks
Unit-02 International Treaties Affecting Trademarks 
Unit-03 Geographical Indications, Trade Secrets And Unfair Competition
MIP-004 Copyrights and Related Rights
Unit-01 Copyright: An Introduction
Unit-02 International Conventions
Unit-03 International Conventions On Related Rights
Unit-04 Impact Of New Technology
MIP-005 Protection of Industrial Property at the National Level
Unit-01 Patent Protection In India
Unit-02 Protection Of Designs And Trademarks In India
Unit-03 Protection Of Other Industrial Property
Unit-04 Operational Aspects Of Protecting Ip In India
MIP-006 Protection of Copyright and Related Rights at the National Level
Unit-01 Protection Of Copyright In India
Unit-02 The Copyright Act, 1957
Unit-03 Collective Management Of Copyright And Related Rights In India
Unit-04 Administration Of Copyright And Related Rights In India
MIP-007 Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
Unit-01 Overview Of Ipr Enforcement
Unit-02 Trips Agreements And Enforcement
Unit-03 IPR Litigation And Settlement Of Disputes
MIP-008 Contemporary Intellectual Property Issues
Unit-01 IP In Cyber World
Unit-02 Technology Advances And IPR
Unit-03 IP Issues In Developing Countries
Unit-04 Economic Issues In IPR

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